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December 2015

National to global

Steve Turner, assistant general secretary at Unite, UK and Ingo Marowsky, global head, supply chain and logistics organising projects at the ITF, give an overview of the industrial hubs programme from a national perspective and with a global outlook.

Steve Turner explains why the industrial hubs approach is crucial to Unite workers across the board in the United Kingdom:

Ingo Marowsky sets out how the hubs concept can be expanded to benefit workers on a global scale:


Industrial hubs film: watch & share

From workers, to workers! Unite the Union, United Steelworkers and SIPTU workers feature in the official ITF industrial hubs film which will be used to explain the concept nationally, regionally and globally.

Share it with your own networks and contacts #OurHubs

‘Using hubs for real gains for workers’

The Unite the Union industrial conferences were an opportunity to promote the industrial hubs concept to UK workers from every sector.

Get more details and hear direct from workers in this ITF news story:


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