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March 2016

#OurHubs support for Grangemouth dockers!

Dockers at Grangemouth walked out at midnight on Tuesday for two weeks in a dispute over changes to shift patterns. And guess who joined them on the picket line? Unite convenor Adi Higgs told us more:

“The dockers are going to be out for two weeks because they haven’t been left with any other choice. Strike action wasn’t taken easily but the way people’s shift patterns are being changed – without decent consultation or any regard for the impact it’s going to have on people’s home lives – it’s just not on.

“Out on the picket line we haven’t just got the striking dockers. We’ve got workers from other sectors across the Grangemouth hub and from other UK hubs like the Humber where people who do different jobs are backing each other up and recognising that we’ve got strength in numbers and in being united.

“We expect this strike to make a big impression of course. Grangemouth (port) is a major hub. We handle thousands of containers a week – a huge amount of Scotland’s imports and exports – these people have important jobs and it’s time their employers recognised that and treated them with the respect they deserve.”

Retired members are support their comrades on the picket line

You can’t beat old fashioned shoe leather

SIPTU organisor Jerry Brennan has been pounding the docks in Ireland looking for a time and a place to engage with workers about the issues that matter to them.

“I’m all for embracing new forms of communication.” He said. “We need to make use of all the tools we have to bring workers into the union; using the language they speak and breaking them out of isolation. But in my experience when you’re trying to make meaningful contact you can’t beat good old fashioned shoe leather. Getting out there and talking to people face to face – everything else can help but that’s the key.”


Get more from Jerry in this exert from the SIPTU Liberty magazine: SIPTU publications

Ronnie Evans 1

Think the finance sector isn’t relevant to industrial hubs?

Think again.

Spreading the word about the power of the union is key for Unite reps at Lloyds Banking Group who are part of the industrial hub programme in Grangemouth, Scotland.

That’s why they’re finding new ways of ‘getting organised and raising their profile’.

Check out issue 1 of their newsletter SPARK to see how they’re getting the job done.

The Spark – Unite in LBG – Issue 1

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