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July 2016

Algerian unions form hubs alliance: in pictures

Algeria hubs 6

#OurHubs promoting the role of Algerian women in their unions

“The Algerian hubs alliance is great and women’s participation in the programme will help improve their role on the ground – to further support and promote the role of women in their unions and in society.”
Djamila Madioni, social services coordinator for the Federation Nationale des Travailleurs du Pétrole et du Gaz.

‘Youth need to take back the power!’

Charlotte Upton describes herself as a ‘hubs activist’. She’s an electrician at British Steel in Scunthorpe and a big advocate for the industrial hubs programme in the Humber.

“We have to get young workers to take on the hubs principles because by doing that they will be in a position to take back the power. Workers want to know what the hubs programme can do for them and the only way to show that is to bring it down to sectors.”

This week during the Unite the Union policy conference Charlotte was one of the panellists at a fringe event talking to members about the hubs model and particularly what it means for young workers across Unite’s sectors.

“This programme is about organising and it does take time to get reps on board because it’s a different way of working that needs us to connect in a way lots of us aren’t used to. But it’s worth it to get the buy in and ultimately to get wins. If we’re going to be a strong force in a multinational environment we have to work smart.”

Find out more about the hubs programme: 

Follow the Unite policy conference by searching #UPC2016 on social media.

Pictured is Charlotte with Unite youth members Jacob and Karl.


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