Dock workers and lorry drivers joined forces at the port of Liverpool on Friday to protest over the lack of decent welfare facilities for those employed by Peel Ports.

Members of Unite the union, who have piloted the ITF/IndustriALL hubs programme across the UK, are angr20170113_100053y over the lack of basic provisions at the port – things like clean toilets, rest areas and canteen facilities. More than 800 dock workers and lorry drivers are impacted by the poor conditions. Unite is calling for urgent talks with Peel Ports management to address the problems facing workers at the port and to provide decent facilities for all workers who visit.

This is an example of the hubs programme in action with two groups of workers who could remain in their silos, talking to each other and identifying common problems so they can get their voices heard more effectively.

Unite regional officer Coli20170113_095832n Carr said: “Dock workers have raised their concerns about the inadequate welfare facilities on site whilst lorry drivers find intolerable conditions when faced with delays in accessing the port.

“Peel Ports is investing millions of pounds on transforming the port of Liverpool – making Seaforth the ‘dock of the future’. Yet, although our members are contributing in making this a reality, behind closed doors the company is treating its dedicated workforce badly by having scant regard for their wellbeing and welfare at work.
“This is more like a port of the past than a port of the future. We have no choice but to take action to demand that decent facilities are available for all workers.”