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February 2017

Arab world conference told Algeria hub will be example for the region

“We want to be an example to other unions in other Arab countries, that they too can build coalitions and in doing that, grow union power.”

That was the message from the panel of Algerian trade union leaders speaking to the Arab World regional conference about the ITF industrial hubs programme.

Representatives from maritime, road transport and oil and petrol, make up the coalition which was formed in 2016. The three unions are working together to form industrial hubs based around ports in Algeria – making connections between workers from the different sectors so they can support each other in responding to employers and dealing with disputes, negotiations, organising and collective bargaining.

There are plans to develop the industrial hubs programme in other parts of the Arab World using Algeria as a template. Watch the film (in English and Arabic) to get the full story on developments of port hubs in the region:

The unions making up the coalition are Federation Nationale Travailleurs Ports Algériens, Fédération Nationale des Travailleurs des Transports, Federation Nationale des Travailleurs du Pétrole Gaz et Chimie.


Community is key for Liverpool industrial hub

The importance of involving the community and women workers in the development of an industrial hub in Liverpool, UK was a key outcome of the latest training for hub members in the city.

The group are in phase two of their hubs training, covering methods for workplace and supply chain mapping, communication techniques and next steps in growing the hub.

Hub members spoke about the need to get more women involved in the programme to make sure workers across all job types are represented. The value of support from the community, in the form of Unite the Union community members and the general public, was put in the spotlight.

A recent protest by workers at Peel Ports in Liverpool over the lack of canteen, toilet and union facilities available, was flagged up as an example of dockers and truck drivers supporting each other through the industrial hub. Get more on the Peel Ports dispute. 




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