The development of the first industrial hub in the ITF Arab World region is moving fast with a second strategy group meeting held in Algiers.

The four federations in the country which represent workers in ports, general transport, railways, oil, gas and chemicals were at the meet last month.

Attendees were deciding on the content of organising and bargaining modules for more hub participants to use for their future training.

Focusing on ways to bring young workers and women into leadership roles in the programme and how to increase engagement with other unions developing hubs under the ITF/IndustriALL programme, were also high on the agenda.

General secretary of the port federation FNTPA Lizhari Adjabi said: “In the past we’ve wanted more training and development and now thanks to the industrial hub work we are seeing that education happen in practice.  We’re really committed to this programme”.

General secretary of the Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Federation FNTPG Tawahreia Hammo added: “Focusing on union work and union power is very important as it guarantees stability in the work place and reserves the basic rights of the workers.”

The group will meet again in November for another round of training and to plan next steps for the hub.