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Liverpool hub protest over lack of facilities

Dock workers and lorry drivers joined forces at the port of Liverpool on Friday to protest over the lack of decent welfare facilities for those employed by Peel Ports.

Members of Unite the union, who have piloted the ITF/IndustriALL hubs programme across the UK, are angr20170113_100053y over the lack of basic provisions at the port – things like clean toilets, rest areas and canteen facilities. More than 800 dock workers and lorry drivers are impacted by the poor conditions. Unite is calling for urgent talks with Peel Ports management to address the problems facing workers at the port and to provide decent facilities for all workers who visit.

This is an example of the hubs programme in action with two groups of workers who could remain in their silos, talking to each other and identifying common problems so they can get their voices heard more effectively.

Unite regional officer Coli20170113_095832n Carr said: “Dock workers have raised their concerns about the inadequate welfare facilities on site whilst lorry drivers find intolerable conditions when faced with delays in accessing the port.

“Peel Ports is investing millions of pounds on transforming the port of Liverpool – making Seaforth the ‘dock of the future’. Yet, although our members are contributing in making this a reality, behind closed doors the company is treating its dedicated workforce badly by having scant regard for their wellbeing and welfare at work.
“This is more like a port of the past than a port of the future. We have no choice but to take action to demand that decent facilities are available for all workers.”





#OurHubs at IndustriALL congress

The IndustriALL/ITF industrial hubs programme has been featured during IndustriALL’s congress in Brazil this week.

Here’s a report direct from Rio….

#OurHubs is an organizing project run jointly by IndustriALL and the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

It uses hubs – such as the port of Grangemouth, or Panama airport – as bases bring unions together across supply chains.

A side meeting on the project was held at #IndustRio2016. It was introduced by Tony Burke, assistant general secretary of Unite the Union. He explained that the hubs project is about strategic organizing and building workers’ power across supply chains.
Mark Lyon of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) explained that the project is a cooperation between the ITF and IndustriALL Global Union, working with affiliate Unite. The pilot hub has been at Mark’s home town, the port of Grangemouth in Scotland.

Grangemouth is surrounded by a complex network of companies and organizations, including an oil refinery and chemical plants.
Grangemouth is also used to export whisky, which is a major contributor to the Scottish economy.There is a coordinated transport and logistics network encompassing a very complex supply chain. There are weak links in the supply chain, because companies rely on lean production and just in time delivery. Most of these workplaces are well organized by different unions, but there is not enough coordination between workplaces.

Mark said, “I worked in an oil refinery for twenty years, and I was a union activist. We worked with tanker drivers who were organised too, but in twenty years we never spoke to them.

“The key to this project is bringing people together to hear about each others’ issues and develop ways to support each other.”
By uniting into a well-organized industrial hub, interdependent work place unions can build collective power. This is important to defend workers’ rights, particularly during times of industrial action. But it also works to support good manufacturing, and best practice from companies.”

Sharan Burrow addressed the meeting, and spoke about the crisis of corporate greed. The weakness of unions across the world has been exploited by corporations who are driving down terms and conditions. In the worst instances, this has resulted in modern day slavery, such as in fishing supply chains in Thailand.

IndustriALL assistant general secretary Kemal Ozkan gave a detailed explanation of how complex supply chains interact with each other, and how strategic organizing can be used to build workers’ power. By coordinating supply chain organizing, unions in a position of strength can create organizing space for workers who are under pressure. For instance, the oil and gas industry can be divided into upstream, midstream, downstream and transport and logistics.

The hubs programme was piloted in Grangemouth, Scotland, but is being developed at a number of key industrial sites across the world, using the coordination of IndustriALL and ITF affiliates across the world. So far, unions working together in the hubs project include Unite, RMT, Nautilus and the GMB in the UK, SIPTU in Ireland, in Germany, Industri Energi in Norway, BTB and Transcom in Belgium, FNV in The Netherlands, USW in the US, and the transport and ports affiliates of the UGTA in Algeria.

Rob Johnston of the ITF explained that the project was a proven success in the UK: the next step is to make the model work in the developing world. The project is working with a number of Algerian affiliates to make this happen.

Get more from IndustriALL’s congress.

Coup d’envoi du programme #OurHubs dans le monde arabe

« En Algérie, nous sommes unis et travaillons main dans la main ! »

Voilà le message de l’un des dirigeants d’une fédération lors de la première réunion du groupe de stratégie du second projet de l’ITF sur les hubs industriels. Dix membres de trois fédérations algériennes représentant les travailleurs des secteurs portuaire, maritime, de la route et du rail, de l’aviation civile, et du pétrole et du gaz se sont réunis cette semaine à Amman, en Jordanie, et planifier ce second projet. Celui-ci sera officiellement lancé en février 2017 lors de la Conférence régionale du monde arabe de l’ITF.

Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus sur ce groupe de stratégie. Lisez les témoignages des travailleurs sur ce blog et consultez

انطلاقة قوية ل#OurHubs في العالم العربي

“نحن متحدون ونعمل كذراع واحدة في الجزائر!”

كان هذا تصريح احد قادة الفدراليات في الاجتماع الاول للمجموعة الاستراتيجية للمشروع الثاني للاتحاد الدولي لعمال النقل حول المحاور الصناعية الرئيسية. التقى عشرة أعضاء من الفدراليات النقابية الجزائرية الثلاثة يمثلون عمال الموانئ والطرق والسكك الحديدية، والبحارة، والطيران المدني والعاملين في قطاع النفط والغاز في عمان، الأردن هذا الأسبوع لتقوية تحالفهم ووضع خطة للمشروع الثاني الذي سيتم إطلاقه رسميا في المؤتمر الاقليمي للاتحاد الدولي لعمال النقل في العالم العربي في فبراير عام 2017.

للحصول على مزيد من المعلومات حول التطورات من المجموعة الاستراتيجية <; والاستماع مباشرة من العمال هنا على مدونة محاور الاتحاد الدولي لعمال النقل من خلال

تحالف المحاور في الجزائر في الطليعة

قادة الفدراليات النقابية الجزائرية الثلاثة الذين اعربوا عن التزامهم في العمل و التحالف في المشروع الثاني لبرنامج الاتحاد الدولي لعمال النقل للمحاور الصناعية تحدثوا إلينا حول أهمية البرنامج للعمال، وكونهم قدوة للمنطقة والخطوات المقبلة للعمل!

لمشاهدة الفيلم الآن!

A kick start for #OurHubs in Arab World

“We are united and working as one hand in Algeria!”

That from one of the federation leaders at first strategy group meeting of the ITF industrial hubs second project. Ten members of the three Algerian union federations representing dockers, road and rail, seafarers, civil aviation and oil and gas workers met in Amman, Jordan this week to strengthen their alliance and plan for the second project which will be officially launched at the ITF Arab World regional conference in February 2017.

Get more on developments from the strategy group and hear direct from workers here on the ITF hubs voices blog and at

Le programme #OurHubs met en avant le rôle des Algériennes dans leur syndicat

« L’alliance algérienne des hubs est une excellente nouvelle, et la participation des femmes au programme aidera à améliorer le rôle qu’elles jouent sur le terrain, pour soutenir et promouvoir davantage le rôle des femmes dans leur syndicat et dans la société. »
Djamila Madioni, Coordinatrice des services sociaux de la Fédération nationale des travailleurs du pétrole et du gaz.

Hubs : Les syndicats algériens forgent une alliance – les photos

Algeria hubs 6

#OurHubs تعزيز دور المرأة الجزائرية في نقاباتهم

“تحالف الفدراليات الجزائرية امر عظيم، ومشاركة المرأة في هذا الحدث سيساعد على تحسين دورها على ارض الواقع – من خلال المزيد من الدعم وتعزيز دور المرأة في النقابات وفي المجتمع.”

جميلة مديوني، منسق الخدمات الاجتماعية في الفدرالية الوطنية لعمال البترول و الغاز والكيمياء الجزائرية.

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